Paris based ( still ) life photographer & film director
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Jean-Baptiste Degez is a (still) life photographer and a film director based in Paris. 

When he discovered photography during his years at L’École des Beaux-Arts in Paris he decided to make his career out of it and started as a reporter to combine his new passion with his thirst for adventures to discover others landscapes and people, with all that implies humanely and spiritually speaking. After a few years of an incredible journey and as the family’s patriarch, Jean Baptiste came back in France to open his own photography studio, traded his Nikons for a Sinar room, and discovered another form of creative fulfillment with still-life photography.

Degez who always considered that photography should not be confined to a straitjacket of rules that constrain the imagination, never intended to only fit in the regular still-life photographer standards. Equally comfortable being creative in his studio and being adventurous on the fields, he went to Alaska to shoot for the luxury watch Ulysse Nardin (Kering group). This extreme experience of film and photo shooting the watches in timeless and wild landscapes gave him the possibility to create an imagery across the genres of still life and landscape photography. During 5 years, he also travelled around the world to encounter the Legionnaires for his book project « Légionnaires, portraits » (2013) which depicts their engagement to their country and army throughout their lives.

We hope you will enjoy the journey as he does.